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WestREAP is an acronym for Westland Rural Education Activities Programme. We are one of 13 REAPs across New Zealand including five in the South Island.  
WestREAP is a not-for-profit organisation providing educational pathways to local
communities from Jackson Bay in the south, to Punakaiki in the north, east to Otira, including Hokitika and Greymouth and everything in between.

WestREAP connects learners to opportunities, filling gaps in education across Early Childhood, Schools and Youth and Adult and Community Education. 

Our main base is in Hokitika at 72 Tudor Street but we operate in various locations and 

hubs across our district. 


You can contact us on 0800 927 327 or email 

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Sally Richardson

Sally Richardson has worked for WestREAP since 2007 and she is still full of energy and enthusiasm for her various roles in Early Childhood Education (ECE).

She is affectionately know as our little "Energiser Bunny "or sometimes just "Mustang".    Sally's Melody Maker Music and Movement sessions at WestREAP are a community institution. 

She also teaches Early Learning Support (ELS) in the home in Westland and is Lead Facilitator for our Incredible Years Parenting Programme.


0800 927 327

03 755 8700

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