Vocal Master Class

                                             WestREAP ran Vocal Master Class with Vocal Coach Marie
                                             Island in Term 1 of 2021.  Marie is a music professional and can assist you                                                         to expand your vocal range with a repertoire of tips and techniques.  Marie has                                                 15 years experience in the music industry and has been a vocal coach for over 5                                              years. She has performed both nationally and internationally with her original                                                 music.

                                                       VOCAL MASTER CLASS HOKITIKA TERM 3


                                                                             72 Tudor Street

                                                                 Wednesday 7:00pm - 8.30pm

                                                                              Cost $150.00












Vocal Master Class will run in Term 3 if there is sufficient interest. 

Contact us now for further information  or to register.   

Phone 0800 927 327 or 03 755 8700 or email reception@westreap.org.nz    







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0800 927 327

03 755 8700


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