New Zealand Sign Language

NZSL is one of three recognised languages in New Zealand along with English and Te Reo. WestREAP have the West Coast's only trained and qualified NZSL Tutor Ruth Sullivan.  Ruth has been tutoring NZSL for many years at WestREAP and come with an impressive track record of positive comments from previous learners on her passion, skill and supportive teaching style.  She is a current NZSLTA member and registered with NZSLTA's Registration Advisory Panel (RAP) under Qualified and Provisional tutor categories.

If you have a friend or family member who is deaf or partially deaf then learning NZSL will enable you to communicate with them.  If you are a teacher in a class with children with hearing difficulties studying NZSL will assist in better learning outcomes. Registrations of interest are open in any area. 



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