Early Reading Together Programme

Early Reading Together is a programme which helps parents/whānau of young children to support their children's language and literacy development.  It is aimed from babies up to 6 year olds.
Early Reading Together was developed and first implemented in 1983 by Jeanne Biddulph and evolved from the implementation of the Reading Together programme which has been widely implemented throughout New Zealand since 1982 and has been shown to raise children's reading achievement in a significant and sustained manner. The Early Reading Together programme is a best practice example of an approach that enables parents and communities to support their children's learning.

Early Reading Together meets the need expressed by educators, librarians and parents/whānau for an effective family language/literacy programme to support younger children. It incorporates key features and processes of Reading Together, is supported by the New Zealand Ministry of Education  has been cited in OECD reports  and is endorsed by ChildForum.


The programe comprises 3 workshops over 3 weeks (each workshop lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes). It is specifically designed to support children and parents from diverse language/literacy, cultural, educational and socio-economic backgrounds and is implemented by experienced educators in our ECE  community organisation in collaboration with community librarians

The course is practical, user friendly, enjoyable and manageable for teachers, parents, librarians and children.  it will help parents to understand more fully the ways in which talking with young children and reading to them (from the time they are babies) helps the child's language and literacy development


There is no cost. Morning tea is provided and children aged 0-6 are welcome to attend.


To find out more about Early Reading Together visit https://www.readingtogether.net.nz/early-reading-together.html

This programme is run subject to demand, if you would like to register please contact us.

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