Early Learning Support

Early Learning Support


WestREAP's Early Learning Support programme for children aged 3-6 years is designed to encourage a culture of learning in the home and assist children and their families in their preparedness for school.


Our trained and experienced facilitators work with parents/caregivers and the child to promote play-based learning, enhance literacy and numeracy skills and other school readiness skills such as following instructions, self-care and self-management. We also also offer personal support in enrolling at an Early Childhood Centre or transitioning from Early Childhood Education into school.

The central aim of the programme is to increase the educational success of children in our communities by empowering parents and caregivers to take an active role in their child's learning.

This programme is available in Grey and Westland Districts including South Westland facilitated by our ELS Team of Tracey Hutt (Grey), Sally Richardson (Westland and South Westland), Kirsten Hollings (South Westland and  Sarah Olifiers (Haast).

There is no fee.  Participants  will initially receive 10 sessions after which continuation on the programme will be provided if required and dependent on facilitator availability. 

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