Parenting Courses

WestREAP can run Parenting courses for Middle Years and Teenage Years. 
These run on demand.

The Middle Years (6 -12)
Nothing gives parents more pleasure than seeing their children grow and mature in the family. The middle years are vital. They are your window of opportunity to stay connected, teach skills and build memories.

It is now that children learn about right and wrong, and most important of all, it is during these years that they are still interested in what you, as a parent, think!

The six sessions of this course will provide you with the skills and strategies needed to be the parent you have always hoped to be. You will be given insight into the particular challenges and unique opportunities that the middle years bring. And you will gain tools for confidently handling the challenges that arise along the way.

The Teenage Years
The teenage years can be like riding a roller coaster; Toolbox Courses aim to take out a few of the nastier twists and turns on the track, and also to help you to hold on and enjoy the ride.  The Tweens and Teens Toolbox is completely realistic – it addresses the serious dangers and problems that teenagers can encounter and gives practical coaching strategies to handle them. But it is also encouraging in that the course never loses sight of the fact that there is so much to enjoy as your children go through this stage. Toolbox is ideal for parents whose children have not yet reached puberty, or are in the early ‘tween’ stage of adolescence: you won’t be caught unprepared and if your children are already in the midst of the teenage years, there is so much in every session you will be able to use straight away. Whether you are up to your eyeballs in problems or have had a cruisy ride (so far!). Toolbox will give you tools, insights and a great sense of hope for your teenager.

Coming up soon... Building Awesome Whanau with Pio Terei  in collaboration w with Parenting Place

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